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I will be graduating this semester from BCC finally! I say finally because it has been a long road. As an adult learner I returned to college after raising 3 children and seeing them through college. I have been accepted to Rutgers University for the Spring 2012 semester!!! I am beyond thrilled especially since Rutgers is accepting ALL OF MY BCC CREDITS!! My experience here has been more than I could have ever expected.
Here to Help You (FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our staff answers on a day-to-day basis. All answers will have a link to the appropriate place on the web site to get more in-depth information on that particular subject.

Admissions, Registration, and Starting Courses 
Financial Matters 
Courses and Degree Programs 
Guaranteed Transfer / Articulation Agreements 
Grades and Transcripts 
Email and Webadvisor Help

Admissions, Registration, and Starting Courses

The Office of Enrollment Services
Not sure where to start? The The Office of Enrollment Services is designed to guide potential students through the stages of the enrollment process. The Office of Enrollment Services is dedicated to recruiting a diverse student population and providing prospective undergraduates with valuable information on BCC’s many degree programs and certification options. To visit the Office of Recruitment, Click Here.

Must I take the SAT or ACT?
No. BCC is an open-admission comprehensive community college. Anyone who feels that he/she can benefit from a college education may enroll at BCC. After you have submitted your application for admission, you should take the College Skills Assessment to ensure that you enroll in the appropriate courses. Depending on your test scores, you may be required or encouraged to enroll in refresher courses before beginning your college-level work. Students can be exempt from part of, or the entire assessment, if they score 540 on the verbal/critical reading and 530 on the math sections of the SAT or ACT scores of 23 in Reading and 20 in Math. For more information on the College Assessment and the Test Center, Click Here.

What is BCC's CEEB Code? 
BCC's College Entrance Examination Board code is 2180.

What's a PIN Number? What's mine? 
PIN stands for Personal Identification Number. You will need this number to register by telephone. Your BCC PIN is your date of birth (two-digit birth month, two-digit birth day and two-digit birth year. Example: If you were born on January 2, 1987, your PIN would be 010287.

What if I've been away from school for a while? 
You'll fit right in. BCC's student body is a diverse mix of ages . (Average age is 28 years old). Our faculty reports that older students who are returning to college (or starting for the first time) are often highly motivated. Their life experiences contribute much to classroom discussions. To help returning students succeed, BCC offers free tutoring and a variety of other services and conveniences for the busy adult learner.
For more information for Returning Adult Student, Click Here.
For more information on BCC's Tutoring Program, Click Here.
To see BCC's Student Profile, Click Here.
For more information fill out our Prospective Inquiry Form, Click Here.

Is going back to school worth it? 
Nobody knows your personal situation better than you, but research shows a college degree will increase your lifetime earning potential as well as your self-esteem.

When do the terms begin and end?
Are there any days that school is closed this semester?
When is the last day to register?

To see this semester's Academic Calendar, Click Here.

Can I enroll by phone or over the Internet? 
Continuing students with no academic or financial "flags" on their records may register 24-hours a day through our Touch-tone phone system. BCC introduced online registration for credit courses this semester through the Web Advisor system. You may also register in person at the Pemberton and Mt. Laurel Campuses, the Willingboro and the Mt. Holly Centers. To register online via WebAdvisor, Click Here.

What's the phone number for registration? Fax number?
Registration Phone Number: (609) 894-9311 extension 5608
Registration Fax Number: (609) 726-0401

When is the bookstore open? 
See Bookstore for information about the on-site stores at our Pemberton and Mt. Laurel Campuses and online ordering options. For more information on the BCC Bookstore, Click Here.

Why am I being asked to take a College Skills Assessment?
The College Skills Assessment provides BCC with useful information about your English and mathematics skills. Since BCC is an open enrollment institution, the results will not influence whether you are accepted. They will, however, allow us to place you in the most appropriate courses for your level of preparation. In some cases, this may include developmental courses to help you build the skill levels you need to succeed in college-level courses. For more information on the College Assessment and the Test Center, Click Here.


Financial Matters

Is BCC Affordable? 
BCC is among the most affordable colleges in New Jersey. Books are extra. This is well below what a comparable course will cost at a baccalaureate-granting college or university. Many students complete their associate degree at BCC, transfer into a baccalaureate program and earn their advanced degree at a fraction of what they would have spent had they attended the senior institution for all four years of their studies. Some students save up to $25,000 a year over the cost of a four-year college or university. For current tuition & fees and the Business Office, Click Here.

Can I pay by check or credit card? 
BCC accepts cash, checks, money orders and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) at the Pemberton Campus. Checks, money orders and credit cards are accepted at the Mt. Laurel, the Willingboro Center and the Mt. Holly Business and Career Development Center. BCC also access payment options through its online student services system, WebAdvisor. To login to WebAdvisor, Click Here.

Does BCC offer an installment payment plan? Online payment?
The FACTS Tuition Payment Plan allows students to pay for their BCC college education in convenient and affordable monthly installments as well as an online payment service through the Business Office. For more information on payment plans and the Business Office, Click here.

What is the last day I may pay for classes this term?
See the Paymenet Due Dates Calendar. For more information on due dates and the Business Office, Click Here.

How do I get a refund? 
Tuition refunds are processed during the 60 working days following the last day of the official drop/add period. Refunds are processed first for courses cancelled by the College. If you paid by check, BCC will issue your refund by check. If you paid by bank credit card, your refund will be credited to your credit card account. All check refunds are mailed to the address the College has on file. For a smoother, quicker refund, it is your responsibility to see that your correct mailing address is on record with the College. For more information on BCC's Refund Policy and the Business Office, Click Here.

If you select direct deposit, your financial aid refund will automatically be deposited into your bank account.  You can choose either a personal checking or savings account, in which your refund will be deposited.

If you select to receive your refund on a debit card, you will receive a debit card with your refund already loaded onto the card.  You can then transfer your refund from the debit card into a bank account of your choice, withdraw the funds at an ATM machine or use the debit card to make purchases. For more information on BCC's Rapid E-Refund and the Business Office, Click Here.

Is financial aid available? 
Yes, BCC offers a comprehensive program of financial aid and scholarships . Eligibility criteria have been established by the US Department of Education. Your eligibility will be determined at a federal processing center using the information you supply on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA ). These forms are available in high school guidance offices, BCC's Financial Aid Office, from the Federal Government, and online.
For more information on BCC's Financial Aid Office, Click Here.
For more information on available scholarships and the BCC Foundation, Click Here.

What is BCC's Title IV Code? 
The College's Title IV Code is 007730.You will will need to enter this code in step #6 of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid ( FAFSA ).

What is the New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program?
The EOF Program is one of the most comprehensive and successful state-supported efforts to provide access to higher education to those who have been burdened with economic and educational disadvantages. The EOF Program provides eligible students with academic support services such as counseling, career and transfer advising, application fee waivers, study skills workshops, and an additional state grant. For more information BCC's EOF Program, Click Here.

I'm a veteran. What should I do to start my GI benefits?
You will need to fill out an application, available in the BCC Veterans Affairs Office, and provide a copy of your discharge papers (DD-214). This documentation will be forwarded, along with BCC's certification that you are enrolled for classes. For more information the Veterans Affairs Office, Click Here.

How do I go about making a tax-deductible gift to BCC?
The Burlington County College Foundation was established in 1974 to provide financial and cultural support for the College and the community through a variety of fundraising endeavors and the support of special projects. The Foundation is an Internal Revenue Service 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation and is governed by an all-volunteer board of local business and community leaders. For more information on Giving to the BCC Foundation, Click Here.


Courses and Degree Programs

What degree programs are available through BCC? 
BCC offers more than 65 degree programs, many of which are designed to transfer to four-year bachelor's programs in other colleges and universities. To see a list of our Academic Credit Programs, Click Here.

What if I'm more interested in getting career skills and not a degree? 
Not every program leads to a degree. Many credit and non-credit certificate programs prepare you well for employment in specific career tracks. To see a list of our Academic Credit Programs, Click Here.

Must my employees come to one of BCC's campuses for training? 
They're certainly welcome, if scheduled class times and locations fit your needs. BCC also offers customized corporate training at your location or ours -- tailored to the specific needs and time constraints of your business. The opening of the Enterprise Center at BCC will provide a spectacular new venue for your company's off-site training, meetings and videoconferences. See Business Services to learn the many ways BCC can help you train your workforce and improve your bottom line.

What if I just want to take classes for my own enjoyment?
Not everyone enrolls to earn a degree. Some students sign up with a desire to learn more about a topic or just for their own enjoyment. You may audit a credit class for no grade or sign up for one of the hundreds of personal, cultural and recreational enrichment courses. To search for classes online via WebAdvisor, Click Here.

Is your Fitness Center and pool open to the public? 
Yes, the BCC Fitness Center located on the Pemberton Campus offers membership at various fee levels to individuals, families and businesses. There is no charge for students enrolled in BCC credit classes. For more information on the Fitness Center & Pool, Click Here.

Do you have special programs for senior citizens? 
Our popular Learning Institute for Elders (LIFE) for adults 55 years brings hundreds of seniors to campus each semester for courses on a broad variety of subjects, trips, gatherings etc. For more information on LIFE, Click Here.

I work full-time. Is it possible for me to fit college into my schedule? 
Many of our students are working adults. BCC offers enough flexibility to fit into even the toughest schedule. Check our semester course schedule for day, evening and weekend courses, as well as courses of varying lengths (e.g. Power Packs, Mini-Semesters) and Distance Learning options via videotape, CD-ROM, television and the Internet. To search for classes online via WebAdvisor, Click Here.


Guaranteed Transfer / Articulation Agreements

Will my credits transfer to another college or university? 
BCC has one of the highest transfer rates in NJ of graduates into four-year institutions of higher learning -- proof that BCC's credits are credible and respected by schools around the state and the country. To assist students who wish to pursue four-year degrees, BCC has developed special Guaranteed Transfer and Atriculation Agreement Programs with other colleges and universities. Students desiring to transfer should refer to the general education page of the BCC catalog (AA and AS degrees) and the program outline of their selected major and consult regularly with their academic advisor. For more information on BCC's Transfer Service, Click Here.

What are Guaranteed Transfer agreements? 
BCC and a growing group of prestigious colleges and universities have teamed to provide BCC graduates with an affordable alternate route to a baccalaureate degree. Students commit to the terms of these agreements when they begin their studies at BCC. Students who meet the criteria of the agreement are guaranteed admission to the dual admission school and program. For more information on BCC's Guaranteed Admission Program, Click Here.

What are Articulation agreements? 
Also called "articulation programs," these agreements contain recommended programs for students wishing to transfer to a particular college or university. They spell out exactly what courses a student should enroll in at BCC and how those courses fit into the baccalaureate degree at the chosen transfer school. Unlike dual admission programs, however, the BCC graduate must apply to the transfer school and is not guaranteed admission. BCC has many Articulation Agreements with four-year colleges and universities. For a list of schools that have Articulation Agreements and Guaranteed Admission Programs, Click Here.

How can I check if a particular BCC course will transfer to a particular school? 
If you are interested in transferring your courses to a New Jersey college or university, check out NJTransfer, a statewide initiative housed on the Pemberton Campus of Burlington County College. NJTransfer indicates which community college courses will transfer to other New Jersey schools. To visit the NJTransfer website, Click Here.

BCC also has course equivalency lists available in the Transfer Guide at the Transfer Information Center (Parker 311B) at the Pemberton Campus, and at the main desk of the Pemberton and Mt. Laurel campus libraries. These books contain the BCC courses which are intended to transfer and how they equate to equivalent courses at area colleges and universities. To download a PDF copy of the BCC Transfer Guide, Click Here.


Grades and Transcripts

How can I get a copy of my official BCC transcript sent to another college or university? 
Burlington County College does not charge a fee for processing outgoing official transcripts. Requests for students with outstanding balances owed to Burlington County College will not be processed until the balance is paid. For more information on Outgoing Transcripts, Click Here.

How do I sent my transcripts to BCC? 
Degree seeking students must submit official transcripts from their college or university to the Admissions Office of Burlington County College. To be considered official, transcripts must be sent in a sealed envelope from the college or university. For more information on Incoming Transcripts, Click Here.

May I check my grades online? 
Yes, BCC offers this online student service through the WebAdvisor.



Where may I access BCC courses and services? 
Anywhere, anytime. Thanks to distance learning, students may study from home or office anytime it's most convenient for them. Prefer a more traditional setting? BCC has campuses, center and satellite facilities throughout the County to make higher education accessible to all who seek it. Find the most convenient BCC location for you, Click Here.

Is there public transportation to BCC campuses and centers? 
Yes, New Jersey Transit's Bus Route 317 offers direct service to the Pemberton and Mt. Laurel Campuses. The County Burlink Shuttle has routes to Pemberton from Mt. Holly and Willingboro. For more information on Public Transportation to BCC, Click Here.

What's the difference between a campus, a center and a satellite? 
Our two "campuses" are full-service facilities offering a full range of degree programs and student services. Our "centers" are smaller facilities with more limited course offerings and/or services. Our satellite facilities offer selected courses in various high schools throughout the county during the evening hours.


Email and Webadvisor Help

I am a new student, how do I get my email and WebAdvisor login information?
After you submit your application, please wait up to 24 hours for your WebAdvisor and Student Email accounts to be created. You will receive your login information once the accounts have been created. If you indicated a valid email on your application you will receive it by email, if you did not indicate an email address it will be sent to you by postal mail.

I can't login to my account.
For assistance with WebAdvisor, Click Here.
For assistance with your BCC Student Email, Click Here.

For additional support with WebAdvisor or your BCC Student Email Account, please contact the Student Help Desk. Due to the large volume of requests received, please allow 24 hours for someone to respond.

Student Help Desk: