Self-Service (WebAdvisor)

WebAdvisor is a secure web interface that allows guests, and student access to information in our database. WebAdvisor allows students to search for classes, view their grades, view their schedules, register for classes, and access other important information about their records.


Login Access to WebAdvisor For:

Credit Student Login Non-Credit Student Login LIFE Students
If you are registering for credit-bearing classes that will count toward a certificate or degree program click Credit Students.   If you are looking for a class to gain general knowledge, learn a new skill, upgrade an existing skill or develop a personal interest click Non-Credit Students.   LIFE is a program for members 50 years or older, which requires an annual membership fee. Click on the LIFE button to find out more
Search for Classes Student Help Desk Apply to BCC
To search for open classes in WebAdvisor click Search Classes.       If you have never applied or taken a credit course at BCC, click Apply to BCC to access the free, online application.

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What is My Login ID and Password?

Login ID is all in lower case: first name, underscore, last name.
I.E.  John Smith
Login ID: john_smith

Password is birth date with MMDDYY format.
I.E.   June 1st, 1988
Password: 060188

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WebAdvisor is compatible with the following browsers, but has been proven to work best with Internet Explorer, as such it is the preferred browser.

  • IE 6.x, IE 7.0, IE 8.0 on Windows
  • Firefox 1.7, 2.0+, 3.0+ on Mac, Windows, & Linux
  • Safari 2.0+ and 3.0+ on Mac


Additional Support

If you cannot login to WebAdvisor or need additional support, please contact the Student Help Desk.
Due to the large volume of requests received, please allow 24 hours for someone to respond.

   Student Help Desk: