The New Jersey County Colleges make up the Garden State Athletic Conference (GSAC), which determines a state champion and selects All-Conference teams in each sport.

The college belongs to the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA), which has over 500 members across the United States. The NJCAA sponsors national championship events and selects All-American teams.

The NJCAA member colleges in New Jersey, Delaware, and eastern Pennsylvania make up Region XIX of the NJCAA. This organization holds post-season tournaments which are the stepping stones to the NJCAA national tournament and All-American honors for players.


Athletic Teams Sponsored by the College:

  • Baseball (men) Division II
  • Softball (women) Division II
  • Basketball (men) Division II
  • Basketball (women) Division II
  • Soccer (men) Division I
  • Soccer (women) Division I
  • Golf (co-ed) Division III

Athletic scholarships are available in the Division I and II sports listed above. No scholarships are available in Division III.

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