Applying for Financial Aid

The first step in applying for financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This allows you to apply for federal and state grants and many institutional scholarships. There is no charge for filing the FAFSA. Filing online at is the fastest, most efficient way to apply for Financial Aid. A FAFSA must be completed every academic year.

Practical Tips About Paying for College



Your file must be complete by July 12 for the Fall semester and October 4 for the Spring semester to be considered a priority application and have funds available at registration. For a file to be considered complete, your FAFSA must be processed by the Department of Education and the results received by BCC. In addition, you must submit any documentation requested by BCC in order to complete your FAFSA application.

Priority applications will be processed prior to the start of the semester. However, as long as we receive your FAFSA before the end of the enrollment period for which you are applying for aid, we will review your eligibility.


Completing the FAFSA

You should complete the FAFSA using tax information from the prior calendar year. If you are dependent, then you must list both your and your parent’s information. If you are married, then you must list information for yourself and your spouse. Sign and date the FAFSA and have your parent sign if you are dependent. Electronic signatures may be completed by obtaining a PIN.

We encourage you to electronically file and sign your FAFSA with the Department of Education at It is the fastest and easiest way to file your FAFSA every year that you are attending BCC. Before filing online, you (and your parent if you are dependent) should go to  and apply for a PIN(s). Having a PIN allows you and your parents to sign your FAFSA electronically, thereby completing the entire process online. If you do not have a PIN, then you must have a printer available to print out and mail the FAFSA signature page.

In the school choice section of the FAFSA, you must tell the federal processor which schools should receive your information. Enter BCC’s Federal School Code: 007730.


How do I get help?

For your convenience, you can apply for a PIN and file online using one the ‘Student Use’ computers available on most of BCC’s campuses.

Online help with the filing process is available at and at You can obtain help over the telephone at 1-800-433-3243. Additional assistance may also be provided from the Financial Aid Counseling staff at the Pemberton campus.


What happens next?

Approximately a week after you have completed your FAFSA you should receive your Student Aid Report (SAR) from the US Department of Education’s Federal Processor. BCC receives the same information electronically. The Financial Aid Office will notify you through a letter and on Web Advisor if additional documentation is needed. You may check the status of your financial aid application process by accessing WebAdvisor through Student Services online.