Cost of Attendance

Financial aid is awarded to cover the total Cost of Attendance minus any “Expected Family Contribution” from the FAFSA application. The following components comprise the standard Cost of Attendance:

  • Tuition and Fees
  • Room and Board (Housing)*
  • Books and Supplies
  • Transportation
  • Personal Costs

*On-campus housing is not available at Burlington County College. Allowances included under Room and Board will include funds that could be used for your rent, groceries, and utilities.

Child care and other educationally related expenses not included in the standard budget may be added to your student budget by filing a request with the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid is disbursed each semester. Aid awarded in excess of BCC tuition and fees, and if eligible, book vouchers will be “refunded” to the student to pay for books, transportation, and other personal costs.

The estimated budget for a typical BCC student would be based on the following:

Tuition and fees: $ 3,012 (For a full breakdown of BCC's tution and fees, please click here.)
Books and supplies: $1,200
Personal and transportation: 3,510
Room and board: 9,900__________
Budget estimate:


Resources family contribution 

Your family contribution (FC) includes parental contribution (PC) and student contribution (SC). The family contribution is computed from the FAFSA, which you must be completed each school year.


Other resources

Other resources may include Social Security benefits, V.A. benefits, Public Assistance (welfare), child support, and other non-taxed funds.


The aid award package

Your award is designed to meet any remaining need you may have after taking your budget, resources, and outside aid into consideration. The Financial Aid Office attempts to provide each financial aid applicant with a package consisting of grants, first; Federal work study, second; and loans third. Therefore, all aid applicants will be screened for Federal and State grants before being considered for other aid programs.

Example of need determination:

(Tuition, fees, books, transportation, etc.)


Family contribution

$  1,500



Example of award to meet need:



Award package:
Pell grant
FCWS (work study)
Federal Stafford Loan


Total award