The Board of Trustees

Burlington County College
Board of Trustees

Mr. George N. Nyikita, Chair
Ms. Natalie A. Collins, Vice Chair
Mr. Michael D. Minton, Treasurer
Mr. Bruce M. Benedetti
Mr. Kevin Brown
Mr. Todd C. Flora
Mr. Daniel Gee
Ms. Kate Gibbs
Mr. Brian E. Kamp
Mr. Noble F. McNaughton
Ms. Marilyn Williamson
Mr. Joseph Hyland, Alumni Trustee
Dr. David I. Spang, College President, Board Secretary 
Mr. Evan H. C. Crook, Board Solicitor, Capehart & Scatchard

Trustees Emeritus
Betty Lou Barnard
** Dr. George W. Dean
Judge Victor Friedman
Lucille Gerber
John F. Heimmer
** Dr. Joseph Howe
** John Kelley
Stephen V. Lee III
** William K. McDaniel
Dr. Eric Olandt
** Lewis M. Parker
** Malcolm P. Pennypacker
** Emmett Spurlock
Carol H. Talbot
Samuel Thomas

** Deceased

Communication to any or all members of the Board of Trustees may be addressed to:

Burlington County College
Board of Trustees
601 Pemberton Browns Mills Road
Pemberton, NJ 08068-1599
Extension 1595 at (609) 894-9311