AV and Video Conferencing

If you're willing to give up:  

  • Time-consuming travel hassles
  • Lost luggage
  • Getting bumped, and
  • Sky cuisine

Then BCC has the perfect, no-hassle out-of-town business-meeting alternatives for you: Videoconferencing.



BCC's facilities are equipped for two-way videoconferencing (IP) between two or more locations anywhere in the nation, or the world. You can see, hear and talk to others at another videoconference site while they can see and hear you-simultaneously.

  • Just a few suggestions on how to put BCC's powerful connections to work for your business:
  • Convene sales or operations meetings with staff in different parts of the country, or the world.
  • Conduct product briefings for current and prospective customers.
  • Interview prospective employees.
  • Take legal depositions anywhere in the world without leaving Burlington County.
  • "Attend" special business-oriented presentations by internationally known authors, executives, and government officials.
  • Originate corporate updates, announcements, training and meetings.


For more information contact:

Carlos Prado
Office of Logistical Analysis and Scheduling
(609) 894-9311 Ext. 1458