Returning Adult Students

You haven't taken a course in years. Or maybe you haven't taken a college course at all. You're concerned about fitting in. When you juggle family and career, you don't have the time or money to waste.

BCC understands. That's why we've been tailoring dynamic adult education opportunities for the last 40 years. You get all the flexibility you need to take the courses you want - with the schedule you need.

Here are just some of the reasons so many adults are learning and earning more by enrolling in BCC:

  • Small class size and personalized attention
  • Large adult enrollment
  • Free tutoring
  • More than 60 degree and certificate programs to choose from
  • More than 200 non-credit and career training programs
  • 12 convenient locations
  • Day, evening and weekend classes
  • Courses via public television, video, CD-ROM and the Internet
  • Accelerated semesters and weekend courses
  • One of the safest campuses in New Jersey


Frequently Asked Questions by Returning Adults

(For answers to questions on other topics, also see FAQ)

How can I find time to attend college with my hectic schedule? 
Burlington County College offers you scheduling flexibility and unique classroom alternatives. We run classes seven days per week. Day, evening and weekend classes are available at the Pemberton and Mt. Laurel Campuses. Weekday and evening classes are offered at our Willingboro Center. We also offer evening classes at high school sites throughout Burlington County and at the Joint Base.

If family and job responsibilities prevent you from dedicating an extended period of time to a course, our widely acclaimed weekend Power Package courses are for you. By attending classes Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning, you can complete Power Pack courses over three weekends.

Distance Education
Burlington County College has been providing distance learning classes since 1978. Each semester, classes are offered which span the disciplines from Art to Music and from Biology to Physical Science. Distance Education courses are part of the curriculum, allowing students to learn whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them, while satisfying degree requirements. For more information on Distance Education, Click Here. Distance Education courses typically include:

  • textbook readings
  • web based resources
  • interaction with highly qualified faculty
  • interaction with fellow students
  • projects and exams

My car is unreliable. How can I get to class? 
NJ Transit Bus route 317 and the Burlink Shuttle provide public transportation options for BCC students. Many students also post carpooling opportunities on College bulletin boards. Another option is to enroll in BCC Distance Education Courses.

Will enrollment at BCC affect my family life? 
Enrollment in college is not a decision to be made lightly. You will have reading, research and writing assignments, exams, and other activities that will occupy your time. A general rule of thumb is that for each hour spent in the classroom, you should plan on spending at least two hours outside the classroom on studying and assignments. Involve your family in your educational plans and keep them aware of your progress. You may even want to get other members of your family involved in BCC activities. We offer many programs ranging from swimming lessons for toddlers to the Learning Institute for Everyone, with dozens of educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs in between.

Will community college credits further my academic or career goals? 
A resounding yes! Ask our graduates who have gone on to achieve success as business executives and owners, elected officials, researchers, physicians, nurse, teachers and attorneys, etc. Or ask the many colleges and universities that have accepted BCC graduates as transfer students, including some of our nation's most prestigious universities. The bottom line is that BCC offers a widely respected quality education in modern facilities, with outstanding faculty and the latest equipment, all at an affordable price.

Will I feel out of place taking classes with so many younger students? 
In many classes, the educational process is enhanced by a healthy exchange of ideas between college students of all ages. You'll be surprised at how well you fit into the college community. Feedback from present and former students indicates that adult students have a high rate of success and are well motivated.

I need to 'brush up' on my basic skills before taking college level courses. What can I do? 
Don't worry. Burlington County College offers a wide range of college skills courses in Reading, English and Mathematics. We can help you brush up on your study skills and, should you have trouble in your regular courses, our trained tutors will be available to help you.

Must I take several courses and pursue a degree? 
No. We offer you flexibility in choosing the types of programs and courses that are right for you. If you are oriented toward an eventual bachelor's degree, our two-year associate degree transfer programs will provide you with the required general educational and specialty courses needed for transfer to a four-year college or university.

If you are interested in obtaining employment immediately upon graduation from BCC, we offer you the choice of numerous two-year associate degree career programs as well as certificate programs of one year or less. These programs provide you with some general education courses, but usually offer more specialized instruction in your chosen field than do the transfer programs.

If you choose not to pursue a degree or certificate, you may take courses as a non-degree-seeking student. You may enroll in classes for personal enrichment, to improve current job skills, or seek new skills, and decide at a later date whether or not to pursue a degree.

In the event that you are not sure of what you would like to do or you need guidance in making course selections, our academic advisement staff can help. They will assist you through various means, including individualized counseling, a series of personal growth and career development courses, and use of the college's extensive career planning resources. To view the academic advising page, Click Here.

What do I do if I have academic difficulty? 
BCC has a variety of services to help you succeed. These include reading, writing and math labs, free tutoring, counseling and academic advising, plus a comprehensive library, study rooms, and a caring faculty and staff who want you to do well in your endeavors. Take advantage of these services. They are there for you. Should you find yourself in academic difficulty, seek assistance immediately -- don't wait.

Will my credits transfer? 
Yes! BCC has formal Guaranteed Transfer Programs with local colleges and universities. Meet specific program and grade point average requirements for participating institutions and you will be guaranteed admission upon your graduation from BCC. We also have formal Articulation Agreements in specific majors with many other fine institutions. Additional agreements are being developed. Other colleges and universities throughout the U.S. accept BCC students in transfer. BCC's Office of Academic Advisement and Transfer provides students with guidance on transfer requirements.