Student Areas on Campus

There's more to College than attending class. While on campus, take the time to meet friends, grab a bite to eat, or just unwind in one of the areas provided for social activities.

Student Lounges
There are a number of lounge areas situated throughout our Pemberton and Mt. Laurel Campuses and the Willingboro Center.

Pemberton Campus
The largest area is in the Parker Center on the Pemberton Campus. A television, comfortable seating, and vending machines are housed there for the enjoyment of our students. Schedule all events and activities for the Student Lounge through the Office of Student Activities. Also located in Parker Center is the Creations Art Gallery featuring seating areas amidst art exhibits which change from month to month.

Spacious lounge areas can also be found on the Pemberton Campus in the Academic Center and the William K. McDaniel Integrated Learning Resource Center.

Mt. Laurel Campus
At the Mt. Laurel Campus, there is a student lounge on the first floor of the Technology and Engineering Center. This lounge has a vending area.

Willingboro Center
A student lounge with vending machines is located in The Kennedy Center in Willingboro.

The Pemberton Campus cafeteria is located in the lower level of the Parker Center. The Mt. Laurel Campus cafeteria is located on the first floor of the Technology and Engineering Center. The cafeterias are popular gathering places for students. They are self-busing areas and your cooperation is requested in keeping them clean.

Snack Bar Areas
Snack bar/vending areas are located on the Pemberton and Mt. Laurel Campuses and at the Burlington County College at the Willingboro Town Center. BCC's cafeteria vendor operates the snack bars. Any problems with the vending machines should be reported directly to the manager of the cafeteria. The snack bars are self-busing and we request your cooperation in keeping them clean.