Meet the Advising Staff

We are the GPS, you are the driver

Students are welcomed to contact any of the staff members on this page by calling (609) 894-9311 or (856) 222-9311 (with their listed extension) or by sending an email. For appointments or general questions, call Ext. 5606.


Tracey A. Thomas, Ed.M.
Associate Dean
Academic Advising and Student Programs
       Ext. 2229
Fax: 609-894-7225

Generalist Full-Time Advising Staff

Louvenia Harmon,
Counselor/Associate Professor
Ext. 1214
Janet Correa
Senior Advising & Special
Populations Assistant 
Ext. 1461
Jennifer Shendock, M.A.
E-Academic Advising Specialist 
Ext. 2786
Kristin Bocci, M.A.
Academic Advisor
Ext. 2785
Colleen Doran, M.A.
NJStars Coordinator
Ext. 1343


Educational Opportunity Fund
Fax: 609-894-0764

Edith Corbin
Director of EOF
Ext. 1333

Kaitlin McCann
EOF Counselor
Ext. 1585

Luiza Abbamonte
EOF Secretary
Ext. 1462

Mona Davis, MSM
Program Counselor
Ext. 1671


English Second Language (ESL)

International Students

Carmen Ghiran, M.A.
International Program Specialist
Ext. 1350, Ext. 2232 


Part-Time Academic Advisors

Margaret Herald-Evans,

Part-time Counselor, Associate Professor
Ext. 1345

Gena S. Pino, M.A.

Leanne Grundel, M.A., M.S.

Art Alessandroni, M.A.

Beth Riley, M.A.

Doreen Walter, M.A.

Susan Speas, M.A.

Wendy Calandra, M.A.


Rachel Dixon, M.A.

Stan Blackburn, M.A.

Carol Ramsey, M.Ed



We look forward to working with you!