Terms and Conditions


Informed Consent Statement

To all Burlington County College students and potential students. Below are the terms and conditions for using the E- Services at Burlington County College.

Please read the following statement regarding your online information:
Information about you is confidential. It is important that you supply the most current information about yourself, your educational history, plans and career goals so that your E-Services session may provide you with the most accurate information specific to your needs.

  • Wherever E-Services are mentioned, I understand that this is referring to the online counseling services provided by Burlington County College which involves videoconference sessions with a representative from Student Services.
  • Per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), I hereby grant permission for BCC online advisor to release academic information about myself during an E-Services session via campus-to-campus or campus-to-home videoconferencing. 
  • When requesting a videoconference consultation and while asking the online advisor questions, I must authentically represent myself in all aspects.
  • I am the student who will be attending the videoconference consultation, and I will provide accurate personal information, educational history, and educational goals.
  • I authorize the online advisor to provide me with information related to my academic records online through the use of the E-Services website.
  • Using E-Services may present a risk to my personal information and BCC cannot be responsible for any harm resulting from this risk. 
  • I understand that I must abide by the laws set forth in the Student Code of Conduct while using this service on and off-campus.   Failure to adhere to E-Services guidelines and BCC rules of conduct will result in termination of E-Services usage and may result in disciplinary action. 

Privacy Protection 
I understand that when using Burlington County College's E-Services,  I must protect my personal information from others, therefore:

  • I have provided an accurate and private email address. I understand that the E-Services program will email confirmation messages and notifications to the e-mail account I provided.  If you are a current BCC student, please use your BCC Student Email account (@mymail.bcc.edu).