Degree Requirements & Policies

Burlington County College offers three degrees: the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and the Associate of Applied Science. In addition, the college offers a variety of one-year certificate programs, certain special programs, non-credit programs and workshops for the community.


Advisory Statement

All degree-seeking students must show an ability to benefit from college-level courses. Proficiency is demonstrated either by receiving appropriate scores on the New Jersey College Skills Assessment or by completion of course work in the areas where the student did not receive appropriate assessment scores.
All students are encouraged to enroll for a written communication course upon admittance to the college.

Students who have not completed ENG 101 at the point of having attempted 15 college-level credit hours (100 or higher), should enroll in ENG 101 concurrently with their other coursework.

if their curriculum requires a second written communication course and students have not completed this course at the point of having attempted 32 college-level credit hours, they should enroll in the appropriate English course concurrently with their other coursework.


Degree Requirements

To receive an associate degree (A.A., A.S., A.F.A., A.A.S.) students must:

  1. Submit application and be admitted to the program in which they seek a degree.
  2. Complete the General Education Requirements for the degree sought.
  3. Fulfill all the course and credit hour requirements with a cumulative 2.0 GPA for their particular curriculum as outlined in the Academic Programs section of the catalog.
  4. Complete at least 25% of the credits required in attendance at Burlington County College.
  5. Fulfill all financial obligations to the college.
  6. Apply for graduation. Applications are available by logging into your student WebAdvisor account.
    There is no additional fee for the graduation application. Deadline dates for applying are:  
    • March 1 for Spring Term Graduation
    • June 1 for Summer Term Graduation
    • November 1 for Fall Term Graduation 


General Education Policy

Burlington County College is committed to providing educational opportunities shaped by the traditions of higher education and the demands of the contemporary world. The General Education program provides a foundation of knowledge and skill to develop a life of personal fulfillment and contribution to society.

Students enrolled in the General Education requirements will be able to:

In addition, our counselors can:

  • Communicate in standard written and spoken English.
  • Expand their awareness of the human condition through the study of humanities, social and political sciences, and fine and applied arts.
  • Strengthen their understanding of contemporary scientific and technological issues through increased content and application of quantitative methods.
  • Develop their ability to think for themselves in a democratic and increasingly technological and global society.
  • Explore their personal, educational and career opportunities.
  • Linda Hart - Counseling Assistant
  • Donna Podolski - Assistant, Academic Support Services

The General Education requirements are grouped into major categories (Written Communication, Mathematics, Natural Science, Arts and Humanities, and Social Science) and by degree (A.A., A.S., or A.A.S.)

Students have considerable flexibility in selecting courses in most of the categories. However, there are some categories where the options are limited. These courses are called the core curriculum. It is the philosophy of the college that all students graduate with knowledge, skills and abilities in a core of courses regardless of major. On the charts, these core course requirements are identified.

Note: Specific General Education Requirement course may be required or suggested for a given program. For details see each program outline.