Outgoing Transcripts

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, Burlington County College is not permitted to release your academic record without your written permission.

An official transcript is issued only with an authorized written request from the student. Transcripts contain the complete academic record of the student up to the time it is issued. Transcripts will not reflect courses that are in progress or that have not been graded at the time that the transcript is issued. Burlington County College will NOT issue a partial transcript and transcripts will include all credit course work taken while enrolled at Burlington County College. Transcripts of students who owe money to the College will not be sent until the balance is paid.

To protect the security of student records, any transcript which will be handled by a student bears the notation "Issued to Student." Most institutions will not accept this as an official transcript bearing this notation.

The transcript request may be accessed through WebAdvisor.  Burlington County College has the capability to send transcripts electronically to other educational institutions that have the capability to receive electronic transcripts. 

The following instructions will assist in guiding the student through electronic transfer.

  1. Select:  Send a Transcript to an Educational Institution.
  2. Select:  The state where the institution resides.
  3. A list of electronic capable institutions will appear.
  4. Select the correct recipient.

Note: If the college you are looking for is not listed, you may click on NONE OF THE ABOVE at the bottom of the list and click submit. This will redirect you to the screen where you will then place the educational institutions address for mailing.

Web Advisor transcript requests will be processed in 24-48 hours during normal business hours.

You may view the status of the request via the WebAdvisor under Transcript Request Status.

If you do not have a WebAdvisor account or you enrolled at BCC prior to Fall 2007 please email registration@bcc.edu for assistance.

Burlington County College no longer charges a fee for printing official transcripts.


WebAdvisor Transcript Request Form

Transcript Errors

Errors on transcripts regarding grades must be brought to the registrar's attention within one year of the occurrence of the error. No changes to the transcript will be made after one year. Under extraordinary circumstances, appeals can be made to the Vice President of Academic Programs.



All certifications/verifications of enrollments and academic status are processed by the Registrar's Office. These verifications will normally be done after the end of the Add period.

Veterans' Certifications are processed through Veterans' Affairs. Please allow five days for processing.