Service-Learning 101

The following resources provide general information pertaining to service-learning. Browse through the following sites to learn all about this method of teaching, learning, and reflection.

Service-Learning according to Learn & Serve America 
Service-Learning according to the American Association of Community Colleges
Service-Learning: An Essential Component of Citizenship Education
What is Service-Learning?
Historical Timeline
At A Glance: What We Know about the Effects of Service-Learning
Service-Learning and Transitioning to Adulthood
National Survey on Service-Learning and Transitioning to Adulthood
The Impact of Service-Learning on the Transition to Adulthood
Can Service-Learning Help Reduce the Achievement Gap?
A Framework for Further Research: The Community Impacts of Service-Learning
Lessons from Research on Teaching and Learning: Service-Learning as Effective Instruction
The Promise of Service-Learning 
Service-Learning in Higher Education: Trends, Research, and Resources
The Big Dummy's Guide to Service-Learning



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