Service-Learning Videos

These videos provide insight into service-learning. If available in hard copy, it is indicated with ~ and can be viewed or signed out by contacting

Bring Learning to Life~ (8:22)
30-second PSA~ (0:30)
60-second PSA~ (0:60)
Learn and Serve America: Spirit of Service Awards~ (6:00)
Service: A Solution for Higher Education~ (6:49)
List of Service-Learning Videos in VHS and DVD Formats
BCC NASA Speaker Series:
   The Spirit and Triumph of Apollo 13 with Astronaut Ken Mattingly~ (11/18/08) - 79min
   Presentation by Dr. Sylvia Earle~ (3/25/09) - 78 min
   Presentation by Homer Hickam, Jr.~ (4/29/09) - 88 min
   Presentation by Dr. Steve Lyons~ (5/5/09) - 88 min
The Process of Service-Learning: Meeting National Priorities and Improving Results
Maximizing the Long-term Sustainability of Service-Learning: Lessons from a Study of Early Adopters
Academic Outcomes through Service-Learning at Miami Dade Community College
Service: A Solution for Higher Education
Engaging Chemistry Students Through Service Learning
Service-Learning 101: Your Guide to the Essentials
Critical Reflection: The Learning in Service-Learning




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