Mission & Goals

The overall mission of the Registrars Office is to ensure the integrity and accuracy of academic records as well as safeguard students privacy in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The RO dedicates its resources to providing the academic and administrative infrastructure necessary to support the Colleges academic programs while providing timely and professional service to the Colleges numerous constituents. More specifically, the mission of the Registrars Office is as follows:

  • Maintain accurate student records;
  • Provide friendly and knowledgeable customer service;
  • Maintain and apply college policies and procedures appropriately and fairly;
  • Protect students privacy rights;
  • Conduct business as accurately and efficiently as possible;
  • Create an environment of teamwork and improvement; and
  • Work cooperatively with other college departments to support the mission and goals of the college.



The Registrars Office continually challenges itself to be as efficient and effective as possible. It strives to be a valued resource to the internal and external customers it serves. The RO is committed to:

  • Being on the forefront of quality customer service;
  • Developing and implementing new services and technologies; and
  • Fostering an environment of respect, communication, participation, shared responsibility and exemplary performance.



The Registrars Office is dedicated to the following:

  • Responding to requests in an efficient, courteous and appropriate manner;
  • Encouraging and promoting teamwork, creativity, and innovation;
  • Respecting diversity and appreciating each individuals ideas and input;
  • Fostering integrity and accountability; and
  • Encouraging professional development and equal opportunity.



The Registrars office supports the mission, goals, and initiatives of the college by working collaboratively with all divisions and departments. Although high volume, limited staff, and budget constraints impact the scope of the RO goals, the office will continue to provide quality service and support to students, staff, faculty and the college community. Our overarching goals are:

  • Provide excellent customer service by investing in staff development, and refurbishing, updating, and maintaining web information and enhancing online
  • Ensure business continuity at all campuses and sites through staff training; continuous review and documentation of business practices; and effective use of
  • Maintain effective, productive lines of communication and collaboration with faculty, staff and students as well other colleges and universities in the state.
  • Strengthen assessment methods and use assessment methods to identify strengths and weaknesses and to initiate improvements in processes and procedures.
  • Foster a work environment that values individuals and their contributions.