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In todays economy, you can't afford to rely on yesterday's skills in todays job market. Take the initiative to keep learning and developing at every stage of your career. Update your skills for the job you're in and work toward the next rung in the corporate ladder. Or use new training to change careers.



Key points to share with your employer about approving workforce development training:

  • Ask your supervisor for their support in additional training
  • Be sure to show them the course description for the course you are interested in taking
  • Explaining the benefits to you - and the company
  • Discussing the time and place convenience of BCC's courses (BCC's day, evening, weekend and distance learning courses offer an option to fit the most demanding work schedules!)
  • Stress BCC's competitive pricing



BCC will be happy to work with you to bring any Career Development or credit courses to your worksite and customize it for your business applications.


Professional Development Programs Offered by BCC

  • Business Seminars
  • Certificate Programs
    • Leadership Certificate Program
    • Entrepreneur Certificate Program
    • Professional Coaching Certificate
    • Human Resource Management Certificate
    • Logistics/Supply Chain Management Certificate
    • Project Management Certificate
    • Nonprofit Management Certificate
    • Supervisory Certificate
    • Professional Coaching Certificate
    • Banking Certificate
    • Marketing Certificate
    • Web Design Certificate
  • Online Courses
  • Computer Courses
  • Microsoft Office Training Seminars
  • Notary Public & Loan Signing Agent Training


Professional Licensing/Certificate Programs

Allied Health: contact Deirdre Amar at 609-877-4520 extension 3020
Uniform Construction Code: contact Christina Jackson at 609-894-9311 extension 3019

Certification Programs and Courses
What is a Certificate?
Certifications speak volumes on your resume. They offer third-party, objective proof that you have mastered a specific professional field of study and are ready to hit the ground running productively for your employer. A Certificate of Achievement or Participation and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded upon the successful completion of certificate courses/programs. In certificates where multiple courses are offered, you may take individual courses or work toward the total program.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
CEUs are a nationally recognized system for providing students with a permanent, official record of participation in significant credit-free learning experiences. To learn more about getting CEUs for appropriate seminars and non-credit career development programs, call or email the contact person or department listed for each program.


Online Courses

Education to Go
Offers over 300 affordable online courses every six weeks. Youre just a click away!

Gatlin Education Services
Offers online certificate program s that will prepare you for many in-demand occupations. Find the certificate program right for you!

Achieving Teller Excellence (offered in partnership with The Edcomm Group Bankers Academy)
This comprehensive online teller training program will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to be a successful Teller at any bank.
Topics include:

  • Orientation to Banking
  • The Job of the Teller
  • Products and Services
  • Teller Procedures
  • Customer Handling
  • Security and Risk

Course #: BID 411-17
Cost: $595
To register for Achieving Teller Excellence call (609)877-4520 ext. 3021 or 3015.


Check the description of the program(s) in which you are interested. Unless otherwise specified, contact

Calmia Hart, Program Coordinator
Institute for Professional Development
Ext. 3015 at (609) 877-4520

Deirdre Amar, Program Manager
Institute for Professional Development
Ext. 3020 at (609) 877-4520