Change of Course Schedule Procedure

To remain eligible for the NJ STARS program, NJ STARS students must maintain full-time (12 college level credits minimum) enrollment in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students have a maximum of 5 semesters of funding, and must graduate within 4-5 semesters in order to be eligible for NJ STARS II.

When dropping, adding and/or withdrawing classes, it can be very simple to make a mistake in counting credits, leaving the student with less than 12 credits or ineligible for graduation in 4-5 semesters. Additionally, any schedule change may result a change in the student’s bill, potentially requiring an adjustment in NJ STARS funding and/or payment for the balance being due in order to not be deleted from classes for non-payment.

Students must make Financial Aid aware of any schedule changes in order to ensure that NJ STARS funding is applied appropriately to each student’s account. Any change in classes or credits may change the student’s financial status. Showing an outstanding balance at the close of the business day will result in the student being dropped from classes, affecting their eligibility for the NJ STARS program.

In order to protect students from losing eligibility, the Change of Course Schedule Procedure requires students to formally inform Financial Aid and the STARS Coordinator of any changes to their schedules. Failure to comply with this policy may result in loss of NJ STARS funding. Students can report any changes to both departments by filling out the online form to report changes: NJ STARS Registration/Change of Schedule Form.

Keep in mind that classes dropped after the start of the semester may result in money owed by the student.