Past Event Opening Day Speakers

1985 Virginia Stith, BCC Student and Ordained Minister
1988 Bill Denby
1989 Bill Denby
1990 Nikki Giovanni
1991 Dr. Lenworth Gunther
1992 Barbara Ward Farmer
1993 Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, "The Energizer"
1994 Dr. Gwendolyn Goldsby Grant, "The Energizer"
1995 Dr. Lenworth Gunther
1996 Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
1997 Ed Gordan, BET/NBC News Anchor
1998 Bev Smith, BET
1999 Robert E. Alston, Motivational Speaker
2000 Dr. Bertrice Berry, Author, Educator, Social Activists, and Former Talk Show Host
2001 Samuel Betances
2002 Roslyn McCallister Brock, Vice Chair of the NAACP Board of Directors
2003 Sonia Sanchez
2004 Susan Cook-Johnson
2005 Cornel West, Professor of Religion and African American Studies at Princeton University
2006 Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Scholar and Best-Selling Author
2007 Susan L. Taylor
2008 Kevin Powell, Political Activist, Poet, Journalist, and Entrepreneur
2009 Dr. Julianne Malveaux
2010 Honorable Bakari Sellers, South Carolina General Assembly Distric 90 Representative
2011 Hill Harper
2013 Kimberla Lawson-Roby