Agricultural Business Technology

Agricultural Business Technology


Agricultural Business Technology
Associate of Applied Science, (AAS.AGB)

This program prepares students for careers in a variety of businesses involved with the agricultural industry. Careers range from growing and marketing produce, livestock and field crops, to marketing products and providing services needed in farm production. The Agricultural Business Technology Program curriculum emphasizes effective management and business skills along with providing a solid background in soil science, plant protection, and plant propagation.

Graduates of the program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of practical principles of marketing, management, economics and accounting as they pertain to agricultural business.
  • Identify major plant pests, including weed, insects and diseases, and recommend methods to control these plant pests based on environmental, social and legal considerations.
  • Identify plant nutrient deficiencies and recommend corrective measures based on environmental, social and legal considerations.
  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of crop production.


General Education Courses Credits
Written & Oral Communications 6
Mathematics 3
Natural Science (BIO 103/104 required) 4
Social Science (ECO 203 required) 3
Arts & Humanities 3
Additional General Education Requirements 3
(Required any diversity course listed on page 39)  
Total       22
See General Education Requirements on page 43.  
Program Courses  
BIO 107 General Biology II 3
BIO 108 General Biology II Laboratory 1
ACC 112 Principles of Accounting I with Spreadsheets 4
CHE 107/108 Chemistry or CHE 115/116 General Chemistry I 4
AGR 120 Soil Science 3
AGR 130 Principles of Plant Protection 3
AGR 140 Agribusiness Management 3
AGR 150 Agribusiness Marketing 3
AGR 210 Greenhouse Management & Crop Production 3
AGR 220 Nursery Management 3
AGR 230 Vegetable & Crop Production 3
ECO 204 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Total       36
AGR 160, CHE 117/118* recommended 4
Total Required for Degree       62

*Recommended elective if transferring to a BA/BS program


Career Opportunities:

  • Agricultural Sales Representative
  • Crop Production Manager
  • Retail/Wholesale Manager
  • Integrated Pest Management Technician
  • Greenhouse Technician

Types of Employers:

  • State or U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Agricultural equipment and sales companies
  • Agricultural chemical companies
  • Facilities departments of colleges, golf courses and commercial companies
  • Landscape and horticultural companies

Why study Agricultural Business Technology at Burlington County College?

  • Low cost opportunity
  • High quality educational experience
  • Prepatory courses available for students who need to strengthen math and science skills
  • Program equivalent to the first two years at four-year colleges and universities
  • Program provides practical laboratory and classroom experiences
  • Faculty members with professional experience, committed to excellence
  • Scholarships available
  • Internship opportunities through the Burlington County College Foundation, including Pine Island Cranberry Farm, Lee Brothers Farm, the USDA and more