Campus to Campus Procedures

At each location, students inform the front desk that they would like to speak with an E-Services representative.

A staff member at the front desk reviews the Google Calendar available on the E-Services website.

A staff member will contact the E-Services representative at ext. 1337 to inform the E-Advisor that a student is requesting academic assistance. The student is then directed to the location of the E-Advising equipment.

The E-Services representative will call student’s E-Advising equipment (computer to computer dial-up). The student will answer the computer call, and an advising session will start.

The E-Services representative will ask you to provide your student ID number before assisting you with your academic questions.

  • If you are a prospective student, you will need to provide your name and contact information to the E-Services representative.

When finished with the E-Advising system, you are to notify the front desk so that another student may be directed to E-Services.

Students are held responsible for proper use of equipment related to E-Advising. If parts of the equipment are damaged and/or missing, students will be held accountable.