Campus to Home/Office Procedures

Students review the system requirements for FreeJabber to ensure that the requirements are met.

Students review the Google Calendar on the E-Services website for availability.

Student must request an appointment by reading and completing the Terms and Conditions form located on the E-Services website.

  • This form will automatically send a time-stamped electronic signature to the E-Services representative to indicate that students have been informed of the college policies regarding E-Services.
  • All information must be completed (name, ID number, e-mail address, phone number, service requested, length of appointment, preferred time, and agreement) to send the electronic signature.
  • Prospective students will need to put in 321 for the Student ID number.
  • Leaving the Student ID number blank or putting in less than two numbers will not allow the agreement to be sent.

Prior to the appointment, students will download the FreeJabber software. The instructions for downloading are available in PDF files formatted for both Windows and Mac.

After downloading, students will make sure to review the PDF document for information about using Jabber Video including the receiving the call from the E-Services representative and the features of the system.

At the start of the appointment, the E-Services representative will ask students a series of questions for identity verification.

Once identity verification is established, the E-Services representative will do a brief overview of the features of Jabber Video.

At the conclusion of the video appointment, the E-Services representative will ask if the student would like to arrange a follow-up appointment.

  • Re-submission of a Terms and Conditions form is not necessary for subsequent appointments unless requesting from a different department.