What are E-Services?

Student Services at Burlington County College goes ‘virtual’. What started as a pilot in the spring of 2010 with E-Academic Advising has evolved to what is known as E-Services.

Beginning fall 2012, students with questions on how to become a student at BCC, financial aid information, and military education and veterans’ services will not have to drive to campus and/or wait for the week day on which a representative will be present at your campus/center of preference.

This is especially convenient for persons with physical mobility concerns, distance education students, students who are located in geographically isolated areas, and/or for students with extenuating circumstances which may make a trip to the college close to impossible.

E-Services are not meant to substitute the rich exchanges of face-to-face meetings with College representatives but will serve to complement them.

E-Services are here. Now what?

  1. E-Services campus-to-home consultations are held on an appointment basis.
  2. E-Services campus-to-campus consultations will be provided during normal hours of operation.
  3. E-Services may be conducted from campus-to-campus communication or from campus-to-student’s home communication.
  4. Students will be able to use E-Services if they have a home computer with webcam and microphone.
  5. Students are expected to have a telephone close by during the E-Services appointment.
  6. Prospective and current students must agree to participate in an E-Services consultation after reading and electronically agreeing with the contents of an Informed Consent Form.
  7. Since appointment times are limited, students are expected to keep their appointments.

What services are provided through E-Services?

  1. Recruitment Office: If you are interested in becoming a BCC student, prospective students may receive a wealth of information on how to become a student at BCC while learning about the College’s various academic programs and resources.
  2. Financial Aid: General financial aid information and individual step-by-step instructions on how to comply with federal and state financial aid guidelines and regulations will be provided.
  3. Military Education and Veterans’ Services: Students who are or were in the military and/or their dependents may receive information on individual military benefits, and step-by-step instructions on how to maximize military benefits.
  4. Disability Services: Students will be given information on accommodations that are available to the meet the individual needs of students.

To request a 15 to 30 minute E-Services consultation, please complete the Informed Consent Form, and select the department for which you are requesting E-Services.