Institutional Assessment


Burlington County College (BCC) is a Middle States accredited institution, and a key component of the accreditation process is that all academic programs must complete student outcomes assessments on an annual basis. Burlington County College has been diligent in its efforts to capture assessment data and create new opportunities to assess curricular processes and products along with a strong emphasis on academic trends and issues.   The final product will be verifiable evidence of student achievement in knowledge, skills, and critical thinking. Results of assessment will be used to improve the quality of programs, to provide validation to internal and external audiences, and to aid in achieving the college mission and goals.


Burlington County College's Assessment Mission

Burlington County College is committed to student outcomes assessment. Results of assessment are used to improve teaching and learning, provide validation to internal and external constituencies, support the college mission, and plan resource allocation. 


Burlington County College's Assessment Goals

  • Create a sustainable college climate for assessing student learning outcomes.
  • Support and encourage flexible approaches to assessment.
  • Provide training for the assessment process to all full-time and part-time faculty members.
  • Use assessment results to improve teaching and student learning.


Burlington County College's Objectives

The College will:

  • Provide the human, financial and physical resources needed to implement and sustain the student outcomes assessment process.
  • Embed assessment of student learning outcomes into the curriculum development process.
  • Provide ongoing professional development opportunities for faculty and academic administrators in the area of student outcomes assessment.
  • Establish a professional development institute that will emphasize student learning outcomes assessment.


Burlington County College's Definition of Student Outcomes Assessment

Burlington County College defines student outcomes assessment as an on-going process aimed at understanding and improving student learning. By making our expectations for learning explicit, clearly articulating course and program outcomes, and providing purposeful opportunities for students to achieve, we create opportunities to gather, analyze and interpret assessments of student learning. The results of those assessments are used to make informed decisions about the improvement of student learning, teaching, planning and resource allocation.


Assessment Cycle Loop

The figure depicts the steps in developing and implementing an assessment plan.  The process is intentionally circular in order to evoke the idea of continual improvement

Assessment Cycle