Chargeback Process

  1. First-semester students will receive a letter from the Admissions Office verifying their admission to Burlington County College
  2. Students should obtain a copy of their College Assessment from the Test Center.
  3. All out-of-county students will receive information from the BCC Registrar indicating what courses or curriculum they are enrolled in for the semester.
  4. Out-of-county students must submit all necessary information for processing by the appropriate office (Registrar, Admissions and Bursar) of their home county college. The "home" county college will issue one of the following:
    • A "certificate of eligibility" if the student's program is approved for chargeback
    • A "refusal form" if chargeback authorization is denied
  5. Residency Certificate must be completed by the the County Treasurer's Office of your "home" county
  6. Return all information to the BCC Accounting Office

This process must be completed by the deadlines established by the student's "home" county. The renewal process each semester after your first enrollment depends on the procedures established by your "home" county college.

For further information, regarding chargeback-eligible programs and requirements, please contact BCC's Registration or Accounting office.