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Fashion @ the Gallery
Friday, May 2, 2014

Fashion @ the Gallery Recap

On Friday, May 2, 2014, the Fashion Design Department organized an informal fashion show, “Fashion @The Gallery,” in conjunction with the 15th Annual Student Art & Design Exhibition at BCC’s Student Art Gallery in Mount Holly. It was a great opportunity to honor the fashion design students at BCC and showcase their work to the community.

For the informal fashion show, each student developed their own unique collections from two distinct class challenges.
First, each student was challenged to be inspired by an Academy Award-nominated film. They then researched their chosen film through cross-referencing the cultural, social and historical conditions of the period. While each designer started with the same challenge, their passion and creativity in creating garments for the ready-to-wear market pushed them to showcase their individuality.

For their second challenge, students chose one of the country’s 50 states. They researched the people that settled there, the history and how the new homeland was embraced. From Farmers Markets in New Jersey to San Francisco’s Chinatown, the students “traveled” all over the nation. They went back in time to old Hollywood and over the snowcapped mountains to the small villages of Alaska.

As the fashion design students progressed through each project, it was evident that they were committed to fully understanding the challenges of solving real fashion problems. From researching trends and fabric selection to drafting patterns and sewing their garments, their efforts and outcomes have been tremendous. Their final garment designs were filled with creativity. 

The garments were modeled by volunteer students from the many different majors at BCC. It was through this collaboration that their designs were brought to life at the fashion show.

BCC’s Fashion Design Department is already looking forward to next year’s Fashion Show/Exhibit! For more information, please email

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