Become a Church Partner

There are some exciting ways to partner with Bridges Christian College! One of those ways can be through our church partnership program! See below for details. If you or your church is interested, please contact or call 855-702-7434.

Benefits provided through BCC’s Church Partnership

When a church partners with BCC, the church benefits in the following ways:

  1. The local church’s leadership can receive a Bible-based college education without the need to travel to a distant campus. This factor benefits the church by keeping key personnel in church ministry while increasing their ministry skills.
  2. BCC’s students complete their ministry education and internships at the church. The church provides the best place to develop ministry skills. BCC believes the local pastors provide excellent ministry opportunities and educational resources for the training of future ministers of the Gospel. At the direction of the pastor and his or her ministry team, BCC students will participate in ministry opportunities. The pastor will mentor the next generation of ministers. Who better to mentor students than active pastors engaged in the front line battles against the world and sin?
  3. The church receives a generous stipend to enable the church to provide student ministry and internship opportunities.
  4. The church may choose to provide its students with a digitally- equipped classroom to enhance their experience or have the students participate from the convenience of their own homes or the church office.
  5. Students can attend live or watch the recorded class sessions and interact via threaded discussion groups. This enables students to never have a conflict in scheduling. The schedule is always user friendly.
  6. A degree from BCC fulfills the educational requirements for licensing for many ministerial fellowships

Church Responsibilities

Churches who partner with BCC have the following responsibilities:

Provide student ministry supervision. This supervision requires that the church appoint an appropriate supervisor to mentor and oversee the students’ ministry assignments.
The student ministry supervisor can be the Pastor or another qualified person to evaluate and mentor the students.

Identify students who desire a Bachelor’s degree in Practical Ministry and direct them to the BCC’s recruitment team.
Provide access to high-speed internet for students who do not have internet access at home.

Provide classroom space for internet class sessions, if the students request the classroom space. The location from which a student accesses the class lecture is his/her choice. The church may suggest for students to use the church facilities, but the student has the final decision as to where he/she wishes to attend his/her academic classes.

Assist students with the deployment of the computer technology in order that they may have a successful online experience.
Provide student life activities to promote the education and social development of the BCC students.

BCC’s Responsibilities

Provides all of the academic instruction via the internet. Provides academic advising.
Maintains all student records.
Fulfills the required government authorizations.

The partner church receives a stipend to enable the church to provide student ministry and internship opportunities (Note: Students who fail to pay their tuition are not included in stipend calculations. Also, students who are eligible for pell are included in the total student count.).

1 to 9 students – stipend of 25% of the tuition paid by pell collected from these students.
10 to 19 students – stipend of 30% of the tuition paid pell collected from these students.

20 to 49 students – stipend of 35% of the tuition paid by pell collected from these students.
50 or more students – stipend of 40% of the tuition paid by pell collected from these students.