Library Resources

The mission of the BCCS Library is to support the purpose and goals of the school by acting as the primary provider of relevant educational resources in print and electronically to all students and faculty of BCCS. The major operational objective of the library is the acquisition and organization of information in various forms that support the overall curriculum and mission of BCCS.

All students are provided with digital access to scholarly databases. The school library will provide students with these details at orientation.

BCCS also offers an on-campus library with over 2,000 resources!

On-Campus Library Hours

Mon-Sun, 7:30 am – 10:00 pm.

The library is closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s weeks. See the academic calendar for dates.

If a student would like a particular book mailed to them from the on-site library, then they may submit a request by calling the school at 855-702-7434.

Please also view the following link: Bridges Christian College Library Search (OPAC)
This is a search engine for the on-campus library. You can search for a book here and see if the main library has it. Please contact the V. P. for Academic Affairs or the Librarian if you need a certain work.

Logos Bible Software

Every student receives a license to the Logos Remote Theological Study Library. This is a resource filled with Biblical commentaries, Greek/Hebrew texts, Bible translations, journal articles, ancient texts, and more!

If a student needs a license, then he or she should contact the school at Only current students have access to this resource. Students may also click the following link for training on how to use the Logos resource:

ProQuest Research Database

In addition, current students have access to ProQuest. An online library database with 25,900 accredited ebooks on topics such as history, social studies, philosophy, psychology, counseling, etc. Current students can access this resource by going to the following link:

If a student does not yet have a license, then he or she should click “Request Account” on the home page.

ATLA Religion Database

Current students also have access to the Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials PLUS database through EBSCO. This resource provides access to more than 3.4 million records, including 2,500+ journal titles in total, 1,200+ of which are currently being indexed, 1.2 million+ journal article records, 287,000+ essay records, 1.1 million+ review records, and 470,000+ book records. Current students can access this resource by going to the following link:

Only current students have access to this resource. Current students are provided with the login information at orientation. A current student should contact the school at if he or she needs a password.

Open-Access Online Resources

Please note that some articles may not reflect the views of Bridges Christian College. The journals are for academic research purposes.

Biblical Studies/Theology

Church History

  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library
    • This resource provides access to classical Christian writings, like Martin Luther’s writings or Augustine’s.
  • Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative
    • Published by ATLA, this is an open-access collection of manuscripts, coins, maps, postcards, sermons, etc. from antiquity.
  • Early Christian Writings
    • This website contains some of ancient Christian writings. The site includes the works of Josephus, the Didache, and the early church fathers.
  • Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center
    • This is a resource center that provides historical archives and articles about the Assemblies of God and the early Pentecostal movement.
  • Consortium of Pentecostal Archives
    • This is website providing free access to online publications documenting Pentecostal history. The archives contain 471,061 pages in 20,619 periodical issues, books, and other publications relating to Pentecostal and Charismatic history.
  • Post-Reformation Digital Library
    • This is a database of select books relating to theology and philosophy from the 15th – 18th centuries.

General Studies

Greek/Hebrew Texts


Practical Ministry

  • Ask Dr. Brown
    • This website provides articles on culture and apologetics by one of the leading Pentecostal apologists and scholars, Dr. Michael Brown.
  • Barna Group
    • This website provides modern statistical research relating to modern Christianity.
  • Church, Law, and Tax
    • This website provides helpful articles by Richard R. Hammar relating to church business administration.
  • Encounter: Journal for Pentecostal Ministry
    • This journal, published by Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, contains articles related to practical theology in the Pentecostal tradition.
  • International Journal of Pentecostal Missiology
    • This journal, published by Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, contains articles that discuss missiology from the Pentecostal perspective.
  • Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry
    • This is a practical theological journal provided by the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.
  • Journal of the Evangelical Homiletics Society
    • This is the peer-reviewed journal for the Evangelical Homiletics Society.
    • The journal contains articles pertaining to the research and practice of homiletics or preaching.
  • Journal of Missions
    • This journal is published by the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It contains articles related to missions and the history of missions.
  • Pentecostal Education
    • This is the academic journal for the World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education.
    • Articles in this journal cover topics related to theological education in a Pentecostal context.
  • Salubritas: International Journal of Spirit-Empowered Counseling
    • This journal is published by Oral Roberts University. It contains articles that discuss the principles and practices of Pentecostal-Charismatic counseling.
  • The Association of Religion Data Archives
    • This website contains statistical data about churches and religious demographic statistics in the U.S.A.
  • The One-Minute Apologist
    • This website contains articles on Christian apologetics by a leading scholar in the field, Dr. Bobby Conway.