Student Life

A Message from the Vice President for Student Life

Dear Student,

Spiritual journeys are both communal and individualistic! Certainly, we travel together as a community, but in the end, we “stand alone” giving account of our actions and attitudes. This year’s handbook confirms the theme of personal responsibility. This year will determine your destiny (the place that is peculiarly yours). This entire year will be full of “defining moments,” for you personally and opportunities for us as a community. Traveling together indicates that we are in some way connected to one another. All journeys are marked by boundaries and this handbook provides you with the basic boundary markers to help keep your future in view while embracing and celebrating life in this new millennium. Boundaries are to keep us from driving the wrong way up a down ramp. They are ultimately for your benefit and strengthen our community. Record enrollments will provide greater opportunities for community and present new challenges as well. One thing is certain, however, Bridges Christian College has moved into the mainstream of what God is doing in this generation. You will not want to miss a single event this year, as we give God opportunity to change and instruct (discipline) us. Student Life is here to serve you. We pledge to you that we will do what’s best for you in every situation. May God bring personal renewal to each of our hearts and cause His Spirit to rest within us continually!