Frequently Asked Questions

Is the degree completely online?

Yes. Students may complete classes wherever they have internet and are connected to a local church.

How do students attend the online classes?

Students have the option to attend the live online lecture on Zoom (synchronous), or they can watch the recording of that lecture later (asynchronous). Bridges offers both synchronous and asynchronous options. All students, regardless if they are synchronous or asynchronous, must interact on a weekly online discussion forum.

Do students have to to have a home church?

Yes. All students are required to be connected to a local church.

What do I need to complete classes?

Students must have a laptop or home computer. They must have access to high speed internet.

Is the institution fully accredited?

Yes. Bridges is fully accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and the U. S. Department of Education to offer certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. See

What denomination is Bridges Christian College & Seminary?

Bridges Christian College & Seminary is a member of the Assemblies of God Alliance for Higher Education. Many of the instructors are ordained by the Assemblies of God.