Letter from the President


Dear Students:

Welcome to Bridges Christian College! We are an emerging institution, designed specifically for students. Institutions, like people, should always be learning and moving into their futures. Since its inception BCC has been doing just that. “Our goal is to provide students with an innovative and debt-free education, and to grow students with an academic agility.”

BCC was birthed simply out of the necessity to offer a robust bible education at a time when biblical education has become too expensive for some. It was also created to produce graduates who are innovative and unafraid to face new ministry challenges largely overlooked by aging institutions. The forces that now face ministry graduates are far different than those faced by my classmates and I in the 80s after graduating from Central Bible College. In fact, the bible college I attended is no longer in existence.

BCC is the college where you will graduate debt free for the sole purpose of being able to respond to God’s direction with much greater speed. Whether you want to earn a doctorate from a seminary or hit the mission fields of our world, BCC prepares you for the God dreams that reside in your inner life.

We are on a Mission to shape the way you think and help you to participate with God in creating a great and effective future for good and for God! We seek to create an environment of intense and comprehensive intellectual and spiritual growth.

We promise to:

  • lead students in experiencing the orthodox and transcendent God in daily life;
  • lead individual students into the willful immersion into God and His plans;
  • readily acknowledge that intellectual development is not an end in itself but a means to cultivate eternality in the human heart;
  • create an intentional spiritual reality that brings life transformation and spiritual formation;
  • and create an attitude of sacredness in the heart of each student.

BCC offers every student, no matter how long he or she is here, an opportunity to grow spiritually and grow in awareness and spiritual intellect. Our commitment is to the overall development of a Spiritual Life Master Plan to shape students’ spiritual realities.

Going to college is simply about purchasing thoughts. At BCC we challenge you to think about where your education is taking you and those to whom you are trusting with your intellect.

Bridges Christian College knows and articulates exactly where we are taking you. We are not just selling thoughts from the past but are believing that with God’s help you will be immersed in God thoughts for the time and the places God will call you to in the future.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Rev. Richard Miller, Ph.D.